Meetingbereich mit weißem Tisch
Eingang WE Fashion
Open Space Büro mit Besprechungsbereich in Weiß
weiße Schränken von Febrü
Pausenraum bei WE Fashion

WE Fashion

Bright and inviting – the brief description of the office facilities of WE Fashion in Oberhausen. The international fashion company with headquarters in Utrecht is running about 250 in and around Europe. The local office in the Ruhr area convinces by an open character and a bright atmosphere, created among others by Febrü. Desks of the Sox range and Pur Conference combined with Febrü pedestals and cupboards in the large conference rooms as well as the workstations. Green cushions provide colours and create a pleasant atmosphere on the entire surface.

Project: WE Fashion
Office Interior Design: Febrü PlanBAR
Location: Oberhausen
Areas: office, conference room
Models: Sox, Container, cabinets, chairs