Intero Schreibtisch mit Chromgestell und höhenverstellbar
Intero Schreibtisch Weiß von Febrü
weißer höhenverstellbarer Intero Schreibtisch
Hohenverstellbarer Schreibtisch Intero in Weiß
Helles Chefbüro

Intero – award winning desk for design lovers

Clear shapes in an overall concept benchmark the award winning design desk Intero. The unique frame makes the desk a special highlight in the office world.

With the contrast of ease and stability Intero convinces by modern design and reliability in a new way. Lightness and trust in unity.

The core unit is the open frame. Reduced to a minimum the structure is nothing more than a slim and closing line. In contrast there is the carcass – compact and stable but also expressing lightness. Impressing in shape and hiding functional elements. The connecting top seems to be independent from the base.

Popular design with functional features

Clear shapes of Intero O fully convince. So it was logical to develop an adapted electric height adjustment. Without affecting the slim and noble design. The 610 – 1270 mm height adjustment is perfectly integrated into the O-framework. For storage and technology a technical pedestal can be added to the configuration, housing the frame on one side and extending the workstation. The double workstation allows to integrate illumination systems into the framework – a clever and elegant solution. Holding the Red Dot Award, the desk excites customers and designers. And maybe you.


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Material & Colours

Surfaces and colours are only for orientation purposes and are not contractual.


  • Ahorn Dekor
  • Anthrazit Dekor
  • Buche hell Dekor
    Buche hell
  • Driftwood Furnier
  • Eiche Lorca Dekor
    Eiche Lorca
  • Lichtgrau Dekor
  • Metalleffekt Aluminium
    Metalleffekt Aluminium
  • sandgrau Dekor
  • Dekor Weiß
  • Akazie
  • Dekor Cubanit


  • Ahorn Natur Furnier
    Ahorn natur
  • Buche kirschbaumfarbig Furnier
    Buche kirschbaumfarbig
  • Buche Natur Furnier
    Buche natur
  • Ebano natur Furnier
  • Esche anthrazit Furnier
    Esche anthrazit
  • Esche cremewe Furnier
    Esche cremeweiß
  • Esche dunkel Furnier
    Esche dunkel
  • Esche hellgrau Furnier
    Esche hellgrau
  • Esche schwarz Furnier
    Esche schwarz
  • Kirschbaum Furnier

Metal surfaces

  • Chrom Metalloberfläche
  • Edelstahl Metalloberfläche
  • Eisenglimmer Metalloberfläche
  • Quarzmetallic Metalloberfläche
  • Weißaluminium RAL 9006 Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9006 Weißaluminium
  • RAL 9007 Graualuminium Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9007 Graualuminium
  • RAL 9010 Reinweiss Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9010 Reinweiß
  • RAL 9011 Graphitschwarz Metalloberflächen
    RAL 9011 Graphitschwarz glatt
  • Schwarz Metalloberfläche
  • Aluminium poliert
    Aluminium poliert

Trend Dekore

  • image
    Fichte Alaska
  • image
    Loftbeton anthrazit
  • Trend Dekor Nussbaum Indiana
    Nussbaum Indiana
  • image
    Quarzeiche Sägeschnitt
  • image
    Sichtbeton glatt
  • Trend Dekor Walnuss Maine
    Walnuss Maine

Trend Nature Dekore

  • image
    Eiche Montana sync.
  • image
    Eiche Virginia sync.
  • image
    Räuchereiche sync.

Details and construction

Intero O Miniatur

Intero O

Febrü Intero EMHV

Intero - electric height adjustment

Intero N Miniaturansicht

Intero N

InIntero Wange Miniaturansicht

Intero Wange

Intero Anbauelement Miniaturansicht

Intero - Growing element

Reddot Design Award
TÜV Zertifizierung
Zertifikat TÜV Rheinland