Ein weißer Intero Schreibtisch mit Container bei Weinrich
Weinrich Schokolade in Herford
Der schokobraune Eingangsbereich von Weinrich Schokolade
Kontrastreicher Empfang bei Weinrich Schokolade
Weiße Intero Schreibtische bei Weinrich Schokolade
Meeting Sofas bei Weinrich Schokolade

Weinrich Chocolate

Febrü and the chocolate company
Chocolate company Weinrich, located in Herford selected Febrü to design their new office space. Apart from an imposing villa in art noveau style a modern administration building was created in 2015, designed by BKS-architects Krauß Stanczus Schurbohm + Partner GmbH. For a perfect office atmosphere with ergonomic workstations Febrü developed a space concept. Even chocolate needs to be organised. The new building provides sufficient space for the administration, all provided with solutions from Febrü. A union between tradition and modern lifestyle, for already 120 years Weinrich from Herford makes the young and old happy with sweets. But where little sins provide happiness a lot of administration work needs to be done.
To provide the necessary space a new extension was built in June 2015 matching perfectly with the impressive villa from the 19th century, offering new accents and space for administration.

The whole concept is based on: chocolate
Not only the front of the building made of silver and copper tainted tiles of aluminium gives the impression of a huge bar of chocolate. Also the inside is part of a concept: Febrü provided a harmonic design and perfect functionality.

The new building
Located at the Diebrocker Strasse and designed by BKS-Architects Krauß Stanczus Schurbohm + Partner GmbH from Lübbecke and Hamburg. In a project time of three years the architects worked out a solution to match the villa and to set accents to get into harmony with the environment. The building offers in a two-storey 264 m² general space, as well as a three-storey-section with 897 m² office space, room for organisation and administration. Meeting rooms, crush room and office rooms deal with the subject „chocolate“. The ceiling decoration as well as floors and window covers create a chocolate atmosphere. Some of the windows are glazed in a tessellated style and create special light effects.

Elegant office solutions from Febrü
The architects favoured a classic layout for the office furniture solutions: functional, straight-line and discreet. Desks and cabinets in elegant white offer an interesting contrast to the chocolate-brown floors and window colours. Colours and design of the office furniture create a light and bright atmosphere. Red Dot Award desk „Intero“, combined with pedestals and cupboards from the „Purline“ range. Conference and meeting areas follow the same concept of a contrast between furniture and room environment.

Not only chocolate makes people happy
With the elaborated architectural concept Weinrich´s chocolate world has a perfect performance: Tradition and modern are united and the building reflects what Weinrich is famous for 120 years: Diversity of chocolate not only for the supermarkets, but also a special product in the bio and fair-trade chocolate industry. Last but not least „Weinrich‘s 1895“, named after the year of foundation of the company shows that tradition and modern can create a pleasure relationship

Architecture: BKS-Architekten Krauß Stanczus Schurbohm + Partner GmbH
Completion of the building: June 2015
Furniture layout: Febrü
Febrü product ranges: Intero, Purline