Cafeteria im Open Space Büro
Freundliche Cafeteria im Open Space Büro
Cafeteriabereich im Open Space Büro
Besprechungsecke im Open Space Büro
Stehtisch mit passenden Barhockern im Open Space Büro
Helle Besprechungsmöglichkeit im Open Space Büro
Bunte Sitzsäcke sorgen für Entspannung im Open Space Büro

Open Space

A colourful and large canteen in the ground floor, generous team offices on both floors – an open character was important for the space planning of our customer. The Trento-desks and cupboards in the open space areas were kept in white, the central facilities are in strong colours. These areas serve for meetings and communication, a small chat or short break. Apart from the coloured beanbags the Febrü lounge group Talkline offers a comfortable place to rest. A quiet area in office life – achieved by acoustic construction and fabrics. The large logistic centre was fitted out with single offices and modern conference facilities, thanks to Adesso Conference-media technology ready for every challenge. Space planning by Febrü PlanBAR.

Project: Open Space Office
Office Interior Design: Febrü PlanBAR
Areas: office, meeting-point, conference room, cafeteria
Models: Trento, Talkline, Adesso Conference, Pur Conference, container, cabinets