Empfangstheke Vio bei Banken Champignons
Warme harmonierende Farbkombinationen bei Banken Champignons
Stühle in frischen Farben bei Banken Champignons
Konferenzstühle in Rot und Orange bei Banken Champignons
Klapptische im Konferenzraum von Febrü bei Banken Champignons

Banken Champignons

The office facilities of the Dutch customer Banken Champignons are full of colour and efficiency. Apart from the reception all offices, conference facilities and relax areas of the international company for mushroom production and sales were fitted out with Febrü solutions. Coloured accents, to be found in seating units, Parete screens and the new high gloss Talkline, are part of the entire layout and create a cosy atmosphere – during work or when having a break. Concept and space planning by Febrü PlanBAR.

Project: Banken Champignons
Interior-Design: Febrü PlanBAR
Location: Wijchen, Niederlande
Areas: entrance area, office, conference room, cafeteria
Models: Trento, Talkline, Pur Conference, Atrio, chairs