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It's time for new work: Febrü unlimited

New Work is discussed  everywhere: instead of hierarchies and standards for processes, free space for creativity is vital in order to support flexibility. The ability to adapt to changing requirements is the basis for ongoing success. Static furniture layouts are an obstacle for co-working, changing project teams and dynamic processes. Until now. Febrü Unlimited is the answer on future workflow requirements.

No cables, unlimited possibilities

Febrü Unlimited provides self-sufficient workstations to be combined according to changing requirements – independent from room situations and infra-structure. The concept supports spontaneous and flexible co-operation and a perfect workflow. Regardless if a conference situation, a team or single desk : the workstation is ready.

Akku Unlimited

No more plugs

Febrü Unlimited does not need cables and opens space for new possibilities and workflows. The technical heart is the rechargeable battery to go : simply  take it out of the charging station and put it into the fitting rail under the table and all devices are supplied with electricity for over eight hours. Without plugs and cable mess.

New possibilities of surface allocation

Restructuring, removals, temporary workstations – many ideas fail due to the lack of an appropriate infra-structure. Febrü Unlimited is independent from electricity supply on site. Investments in cable ducts, technical floors and floor based ducts as well as workstation illumination are reduced to a minimum. Old buildings, storehouses, industrial premises or office containers can be turned into workspace areas quickly and for a moderate price.


Trenner Unlimited

Networking without cables

Co-working, changing project teams, creative office environments – static furniture prevent a real workflow. Febrü Unlimited enables to create workstations, allowing flexible co-operation. The infra-structure is no longer an obstacle.

Leasing instead of buying

Who knows about future requirements ? We offer the option to lease workstations, providing the possibility to react to changing situations.


  • New Work changes the working culture in companies, so far furniture do not support this idea.
  • With Febrü Unlimited the workstation needs no cables, becomes flexible and mobile.
  • Modern working methods can be introduced easier than ever.
  • Without wire management  costs for the infra-structure are reduced to a minimum.


For taylor made workstations

Febrü Unlimited offers the layout for all purposes – from basic to full service, from local to mobile solutions on castors. All desks are fitted out with electric height adjustment and a rechargeable battery, additional features are up to your choice.


Please contact us if you wish to learn more about Febrü Unlimited. We are happy to check your perfect solution.

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