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Elegance and order - storage spaces for working environments

An office is like a business card. Order, cleanliness and clear structures leave a neat impression and also facilitate work processes. Cabinets, shelves and work surfaces are therefore an important part of any office equipment. It not only depends on the external appearance, but also on the content. With Febrü office furniture, you choose the perfect blend of design and functionality.

Storage space – necessary for a regulated filing system

Modern data technology makes it possible: Tiny memory chips take up a gigantic volume of data. Nevertheless, an office without paper and other work equipment is still unthinkable -even today. Febrü storage space has a wide variety of solutions for documents, files and work equipment: mobile pedestals, open shelves, pull-out cabinets, cabinets with louvre or sliding door front, personal storage cabinets and caddies for extra mobility.

Sauberkeit und Ordnung mit Febrü Stauraummöbeln

Functional furniture – necessity turns into virtue

The trend in modern room design are furniture with multiple applications. Especially when space is lacking, a multifunctional equipment ensures optimal use of space. But even in spacious office spaces, creative combination of furniture is an exciting and surprising stylistic element. Functioning as a mix of storage space, meeting zone and shelf, the ComPoint is an ideal complement to open office spaces.

The practical combination furniture not only impresses with its modern design, but also offers real added value. Exchange and communication at the meeting point for short conversations are just as possible, as the use of it as a storage space for documents, notes and messages.

Equipment – attention to detail

Febrü relies on innovation: A highlight of the Febrü product range are the different acoustic solutions. When it comes to office cabinets and storage space, an acoustically effective front or rear panel can also be used to ensure that part of the everyday office noise is swallowed and that the noise level, for example, noticeably drops in an open-space office.

  • Office cabinets and storage space ideas for cleverly designed interiors.
  • Generous storage space solutions that still look light and airy.
  • Functional furniture as a creative addition to the office.
  • Create personal favourites with individual solutions.
  • High quality materials in interaction with acoustic elements.

Storage space can be so beautiful!

Employees need storage space in every office – no matter if it is a single office or a team office. After all, there are a number of utensils that disturb the look on the desk. If you too, are looking for creative storage ideas for your company, then Febrü is your place! We have 1,000 and one ideas how to stow folders, files, documents and various small parts in an appealing and practical way. Let yourself be surprised how versatile modern storage solutions can be today.

Get in touch with us and arrange a visit to our exhibition – here you can experience our high-quality storage solutions live. Our consultants are happy to advise and inform you about your individual options. Contact us now and get competent advice!

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