Soul Loungestuhl grau
Soul Loungestuhl im Detail
Konferenzsessel Soul mit Holz
Loungestuhl Meeting in gelb und anthrazit
Designergestell Soul
Leder Stoff Mix Soul Loungestuhl
Loungesessel Soul in Orange und Grau
Konferenzsessel Soul mit Chromgestell
Soul mit Holzfüßen
Konferenzstuhl Soul Holz
Konferenzstuhl Soul
Soul von Febrü für Konferenzen

Soul lounge chair – comfortable waiting and discussing

Getting your mind up, getting inspired or just relax – rest areas in the office will help. In a modern office world the details have to match, the furniture layout has to be adapted. The new lounge chair Soul is a Febrü interpretation of the cocktail chair. Soul is embracing the user: during an office meeting, in seminars, lobbies, hotels, studios or medical practices. The cocktail chair, a cult furniture of the fifties with a retro-charm was the paragon for Soul. Especially the version with the wooden frame reminds of the popular seating furniture of the fifties. The protruding and filigree structure gives a light appearance. The metal version looks elegant and stylish. Seat, side and back are shaped as a shell. Upholstery in pure new wool, synthetic leather or leather, a huge choice of colors to set accents. The perfect shape is based on classics and provides comfort.

Regardless if single chair or group: Soul looks discreet and graceful, timeless and state of the art. The rest areas encourage an atmosphere of communication where you like to meet, exchange ideas, develop projects, discuss or just relax.

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Material & Colours

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  • 3802 Aston - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3802 Aston
  • 3816 Camphill - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3816 Camphill
  • Blazer Napier
    3808 Napier
  • Edinburgh
    3811 Edinburgh
  • 3812 Winchester - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3812 Winchester
  • Blazer Durham
    3847 Fairfield
  • 3815 Aberlour - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3815 Aberlour
  • 3817 Hull - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3817 Hull
  • 3818 Plymouth - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3818 Plymouth
  • 3819 Manchester - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3819 Manchester
  • 3821 Magdalene - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3821 Magdalene
  • 3828 Silverdale - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3828 Silverdale
  • 3831 Trevelyan - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3831 Trevelyan
  • 3853 Bryanstone - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3853 Bryanstone
  • 3867 Kingsmead - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3867 Kingsmead
  • 3863 Handcross - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3863 Handcross
  • Blazer St. Andrews
    3886 St. Andrews

Details and construction

Konferenzstuhl Soul Vorschau Drahtgestell

Cocktail chair with metal frame