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Ergonomischer Konferenzsessel
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Sitting is a typical working position in the office. On average an office employee spends 80.000 hours in a sitting position during his work life. Apart from changing between standing and sitting it is vital to use an office chair with all options to adapt to the requirements of the user. Our new swivel chair from the Febrü∙One seating range convinces with comfort and ergonomic details.

The modern swivel chair is an all-in-one solution with individual adjustment options is able to be adapted to the changing requirements of the user quickly. The range is completed by modern conference chairs, giving a light and modern touch to the environment. Even during long conferences the Febrü∙One assures relaxed conversation with cantilever chairs and swivel conference chairs.

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Material & Colours

Surfaces and colours are only for orientation purposes and are not contractual.

Metal surfaces

  • Schwarz Metalloberfläche
  • RAL 9011 Graphitschwarz Metalloberflächen
    RAL 9011 Graphitschwarz glatt
  • RAL 9010 Reinweiss Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9010 Reinweiß
  • RAL 9007 Graualuminium Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9007 Graualuminium
  • Weißaluminium RAL 9006 Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9006 Weißaluminium
  • Quarzmetallic Metalloberfläche
  • Eisenglimmer Metalloberfläche
  • Edelstahl Metalloberfläche
  • Aluminium poliert
    Aluminium poliert

Xtreme Plus

  • 3909 Havana - Lucia Bezugsstoff
    4009 Havana
  • image
    4026 Costa
  • 3946 Sombrero - Lucia Bezugsstoff
    4046 Sombrero
  • image
    4081 Blizzard

Urban Plus

  • image
    4472 Nightowl
  • image
    4474 Square
  • image
    4483 District
  • image
    4484 Subway