F3 Silent und Active Smart von Febrü
Schwarzer F3 Schreibtischstuhl
F3 Bürostuhl von Febrü
Buerostuhl Februe F3 Detailansicht in Beige


Button, Oval, Strike – Maximum comfort for small budget

If you expect a maximum of comfort, state of the art ergonomic features and a trendy design “F3” is simply perfect for you. Including a highly attractive price. Three different quiltings assure that F3 matches to every furnishing style. Regardless if oval quilting, button applications or minimalistic stripes –F3 will convince you on any level. Including multiple adjustment options based on the user weight F3 is ready for any user. Ideal for desk sharing and flexible workstations this office chair will be a perfect companion for office life. And the best of F3: Design and comfort are available for a small budget.

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Material & Colours

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Details and construction

Schreibtischstuhl F3 Button in Schwarz


Schreibtischstuhl F3 Oval in Schwarz


Schreibtischstuhl F3 Strike in Schwarz