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Divide and accentuate, concentrate and communicate, arrive and feel good

Lounge furniture is an important part of modern office furniture. In addition to classic workplaces, communication zones are areas that play a major role in everyday work. Seating for short meetings in a relaxed setting, a waiting area or an area for the employees can be realized with the modular Talkline lounge sofa.The Talkline high bench is particularly acoustically effective due to its back height. In other words, Talkline reduces the ambient noise and thus ensures a pleasant break in relaxed, acoustically optimized atmosphere.

Stylish seating with the Talkline high bench

Especially for cafeterias, this variant is a very practical solution: The elements can be planned wonderfully wall-oriented. Niches are optimally utilized and larger wall surfaces designed very nicely. The combination of the seat height with high tables creates a particularly relaxed atmosphere. Whether for the lunch break, a coffee in between or a short meeting. The foot rail in stainless steel provides extra comfort. The base corpus, possible in all common Febrü decors, creates a nice contrast to the soft upholstery and expands the scope of design possibilities.

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  • 3802 Aston - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3802 Aston
  • Blazer Napier
    3808 Napier
  • Edinburgh
    3811 Edinburgh
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    3812 Winchester
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    3847 Fairfield
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    3819 Manchester
  • 3821 Magdalene - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3821 Magdalene
  • 3828 Silverdale - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3828 Silverdale
  • 3831 Trevelyan - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3831 Trevelyan
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    3863 Handcross
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    3853 Bryanstone
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    3867 Kingsmead
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    3886 St. Andrews