Sofa Lounge Gruppe Places
Sofa Lounge Gruppe Places
Sofa Lounge Gruppe Places für Büro
Lounge Gruppe Places Sessel und Sofa
Sofa Loungegruppe Places
Einzelsessel akustisch wirksam
Sofa Places mit Tischen in der Lounge, elektrifizierbar
Sofa Places mit Leselicht
Sofa Loungegruppe Places Detail


Contemporary offices are supposed to be areas of feeling well. They should be made to inspire and support creativity. They have to be inviting and need to have an additional value towards ordinary workstations. Places creates comfort zones and provides room to rest and to communicate. For concentration or exchange, for time out or team meetings.

Everything is subject of permanent change: work life, processes, structure. Offices need systems to follow this challenge. Places is perfectly prepared. With a modular structure and a square basic shape of 80 x 80 cm Places can be placed, combined or changed.
A lounge configuration of Places can be small or big, low or high, straight or rounded, multi-colour or uni-colour, permanent or subject of change. Places can be in a central position or hidden in a corner, can be a place of relaxation or communication point, room divider or linking unit between work zones, waiting area or conference island. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility entire office areas can be created. Regardless how you use Places: a comfortable and cosy lounge feeling is assured.

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