Grau Blauer Cousy Loungesessel
Grau Blauer Cousy Loungesessel
Cosy Loungesessel im Leder Stoff Mix
Febrü Cosy Lounge Sessel
Febrü Cosy Lounge Sessel
Loungesessel Cosy mit Leder und Stoff
Relaxsessel Büro Cosy
Relaxsessel Büro Cosy
Cosy Ottomane in Beige
Cosy Front und Rückseite
Cosy Front und Rückseite
Chrom Fuß Cosy

Cosy – easy chair to relax

Relax in the Febrü easy chair

If you want to relax in the office an easy chair is the perfect solution. During a creative time-out our new easy chair “Cosy” supports you to relax in all positions.

For the development of “Cosy” we have picked up the concept of a wing chair in a new interpretation. The classic wings appear in reduced size. The high back provides a maximum of privacy. The shell provides a feeling of security embracing the “owner” and allowing to relax the back, neck and head. The swivel chrome frame with 4-arm-leg provides easiness. A perfectly adapted stool rounds up the harmonic appearance. Various textile fabrics are available from discreet to imposing. The impression of “Cosy” as a source of energy is supported by clever colour combinations. With a bright outside and a dark inside a feeling of security is assured. Or enjoy a classic performance in “Cosy” in noble leather.

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Material & Colours

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  • 3802 Aston - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3802 Aston
  • Blazer Napier
    3808 Napier
  • image
    3811 Edinburgh
  • 3812 Winchester - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3812 Winchester
  • Blazer Durham
    3814 Durham
  • 3815 Aberlour - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3815 Aberlour
  • 3816 Camphill - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3816 Camphill
  • 3817 Hull - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3817 Hull
  • 3818 Plymouth - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3818 Plymouth
  • 3819 Manchester - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3819 Manchester
  • 3821 Magdalene - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3821 Magdalene
  • 3828 Silverdale - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3828 Silverdale
  • 3831 Trevelyan - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3831 Trevelyan
  • 3847 Fairfield - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3847 Fairfield
  • 3853 Bryanstone - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3853 Bryanstone
  • 3863 Handcross - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3863 Handcross
  • 3867 Kingsmead - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3867 Kingsmead
  • image
    3886 St. Andrews

Details and construction


Easy Chair Cosy


Adapted stool