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Febrü Fashion

Individuality in the office has a new name: Febrü Fashion. The new label combines design, handsomeness, and wellness. Febrü Fashion extends the options of individual office creativity by setting new accents and benchmarks in space planning. With Fashion print and Fashion green it is possible to create a unique atmosphere according to your own wishes.

With “Fashion print” it is possible to apply every design, texture, every colour and every look on materials such as wood, glass and fabric. Table tops, cupboard doors, back panels, side panels and tambour doors are fitted out with an individual look. A plan or a trendy image on a door, a city map on the conference table, exciting textures including logos in the reception area up to a cloudy Winter forest or a colourful Autumn forest are just some examples of what is possible to create a lounge style working environment.

“Fashion green” is an ice-breaker between formal office creation and a cozy living atmosphere. Reed gives a structure to rooms. Grass as a wall picture or on top of cupboards supports the effect of well-being and is an eye-catcher. All plants need no maintenance as they are made of plastic. The touch and visual impression is surprisingly realistic.