Pro Office Rasenteppich

The classic in the office

The desk with perfect adaptation

 The desk in the centre, with pedestal and cabinet or two desks opposite to each other? With link or combination? Just rectangular or with an angle? Almost any shape is possible.

The T-leg-frame of Pro Office provides stability and is fitted out with a decorative perforated metal blind. Height can be adjusted to 680, 700, 720, 740 or 760 mm. So the desk can be adapted to the individual requirements of the user. Cable management is possible by horizontal duct.

Pro Office can offer more

From a rectangular desk with individual shapes, communication units fulfilling your requirements, Pro Office will satisfy your demands. Consulting areas and meeting points can be adapted directly to the workstation. Desk units create a harmony and unity. Surfaces and frames can be adapted according to your wishes. So you get the desk you want.

In combination with our pedestals you have sufficient storage space. Our pedestals can be placed under the desk or beside the desk so that you have all you need in reach.

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Material & Colours

Surfaces and colours are only for orientation purposes and are not contractual.


  • Ahorn Dekor
  • Anthrazit Dekor
  • Buche hell Dekor
    Buche hell
  • Driftwood Furnier
  • Eiche Lorca Dekor
    Eiche Lorca
  • Lichtgrau Dekor
  • Metalleffekt Aluminium
    Metalleffekt Aluminium
  • sandgrau Dekor
  • Dekor Weiß
  • Akazie
  • Dekor Cubanit

Metal surfaces

  • Chrom Metalloberfläche
  • Edelstahl Metalloberfläche
  • Eisenglimmer Metalloberfläche
  • Quarzmetallic Metalloberfläche
  • Weißaluminium RAL 9006 Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9006 Weißaluminium
  • RAL 9007 Graualuminium Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9007 Graualuminium
  • RAL 9010 Reinweiss Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9010 Reinweiß
  • RAL 9011 Graphitschwarz Metalloberflächen
    RAL 9011 Graphitschwarz glatt
  • Schwarz Metalloberfläche
  • Aluminium poliert
    Aluminium poliert

Trend Dekore

  • image
    Fichte Alaska
  • image
    Loftbeton anthrazit
  • Trend Dekor Nussbaum Indiana
    Nussbaum Indiana
  • image
    Quarzeiche Sägeschnitt
  • image
    Sichtbeton glatt
  • Trend Dekor Walnuss Maine
    Walnuss Maine

Trend Nature Dekore

  • image
    Eiche Montana sync.
  • image
    Eiche Virginia sync.
  • image
    Räuchereiche sync.