Chefbüro mit dunklem Schreibtisch eGo
Febrü Arbeitsplatz eGo
Febrü eGo am Arbeitsplatz
Febrü Schreibtisch eGo


Material and design, form and structure in harmony. Expression of individual demands: made for the executive user!

The desk in an executive office is more than a tool: decisions are made here, innovations are created and meetings are held. The desk is the business card of the user. Customers and partners get a first impression. With eGo elegance and style are reflected, this desk is made for directors with a unique taste. The range does not only impress with desking solutions as a conference table  eGo can be the centre of a meeting.

eGo stands for consistency

The top is based on square legs in chrome or stainless steel and offers enough space for ideas. Cables disappear in flaps providing a tidy surface. A modesty panel in frozen glass can be added to provide additional privacy.

eGo can support the personality of the user. A huge selection of colours and surfaces makes the desk unique, meeting exactly your wishes. More cupboards or pedestals in matching colours round up the office environment. More ideas and information about executive workstations can be found here.

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Material & Colours

Surfaces and colours are only for orientation purposes and are not contractual.


  • Ahorn Dekor
  • Akazie
  • Anthrazit Dekor
  • Buche hell Dekor
    Buche hell
  • Dekor Cubanit
  • Driftwood Furnier
  • Eiche Lorca Dekor
    Eiche Lorca
  • Lichtgrau Dekor
  • Metalleffekt Aluminium
    Metalleffekt Aluminium
  • sandgrau Dekor
  • Dekor Weiß


  • Ahorn Natur Furnier
    Ahorn natur
  • Buche kirschbaumfarbig Furnier
    Buche kirschbaumfarbig
  • Buche Natur Furnier
    Buche natur
  • Ebano natur Furnier
  • Esche anthrazit Furnier
    Esche anthrazit
  • Esche cremewe Furnier
    Esche cremeweiß
  • Esche dunkel Furnier
    Esche dunkel
  • Esche hellgrau Furnier
    Esche hellgrau
  • Esche schwarz Furnier
    Esche schwarz
  • Kirschbaum Furnier

Metal surfaces

  • Chrom Metalloberfläche
  • Edelstahl Metalloberfläche
  • Eisenglimmer Metalloberfläche
  • Quarzmetallic Metalloberfläche
  • RAL 9007 Graualuminium Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9007 Graualuminium
  • Weißaluminium RAL 9006 Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9006 Weißaluminium
  • RAL 9010 Reinweiss Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9010 Reinweiß
  • RAL 9011 Graphitschwarz Metalloberflächen
    RAL 9011 Graphitschwarz glatt
  • Schwarz Metalloberfläche
  • Aluminium poliert
    Aluminium poliert

Trend Dekore

  • image
    Fichte Alaska
  • image
    Loftbeton anthrazit
  • Trend Dekor Nussbaum Indiana
    Nussbaum Indiana
  • image
    Quarzeiche Sägeschnitt
  • image
    Sichtbeton glatt
  • Trend Dekor Walnuss Maine
    Walnuss Maine

Trend Nature Dekore

  • image
    Eiche Montana sync.
  • image
    Eiche Virginia sync.
  • image
    Räuchereiche sync.