Das E Sideboard von Febrü elektrifiziert Arbeitsplätze
Stauraum mit Stromversorgung: E-Line
E-Line mit Strom- und USB Einsatz
Febrü E-Line Lowboard
E-Line in einem Büroraum


Modern office work is not only an exciting challenge, office furniture have to be adapted to new situations too. “E-Line” from Febrü creates a new era of modern storage.

With the product range “E-Line” Febrü introduces a modern storage system allowing the supply of electricity and data close to the workstation. Even more : communication is encouraged as well.

Electricity without complicated cable management.

“E-Line” enables power supply to all workststions, regardless the circumstances. Network and USB-connections can be installed easily. “E-Line” requires only one connection, from the wall or floor. Space planning becomes an easy job. Smartphones, tablets or laptops can be charged and conected easily. Updates and synchronisation are simple. The flexible construction allows to connect an unlimited number of alternating workstations  to be connected to “E-Line”.
The lowboard with the modern puristic look without handles offers enough space for anything needed around the workstation. Fitted out with sliding doors, drawers or lockable compartments – the choice is up to you. Cable management is vertical directly under the top and can be modified easily. Ready for changing office situations.

E-Line creates zones

This is not all: The workstations can be focused on concentration or communication. “Screen” elements allow visual and acoustic protection. Quiet zones for concentrated work are easy to install. Cushions on the boards create zones for communication. Two different lamps provide perfect light for a wellness atmosphere.

Requirements of the modern working world become more and more complex. With “E-Line” Febrü offers perfect solutions for modern workstations. The ideal system for networking, creating zones  and communication.
Welcome to the new working world!

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  • Kirschbaum Furnier

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