Ergonomisch eingerichtet: Bildschirmarbeitsplätze von Febrü
Ergonomische Schreibtische von Febrü: Active verbindet Design und Ergonomie
Mit ergonomischen Büromöbeln rückenschonend durch den Arbeitsalltag: Active passt sich der gewünschten Haltung an.
Febrü Active – Schreibtischbein

Active – the ergonomic, height adjustable desk from Febrü

We sit at a dining table, in tube or car, commuting to work, in front of the television or with a tablet on the sofa and often the whole day at a desk in the office. Back pain and other problems are the result. With height adjustable desks and the perfect office chair you can prevent such problems by changing your working position.

“Active EMHV” (electric height adjustment between 712 – 1212 mm using single telescope or 630 – 1.290 mm with double telescope) are the two versions, allowing sit-to-stand dynamics. By pushing a button the height of the desk can be changed inside seconds, allowing to change between sitting and standing. The range also offers height adjustment by manual setting, push or crank between 640 and 860 mm.

Concentrated work with relaxed moves

All desks with electric height adjustment are fitted out with high quality mechanics. A safety stop offers additional protection in all desk versions. “Active” with double telescope provides an additional feature with the innovative anti-collisions-technology “Piezo”. When changing the height the desk reacts on resistance so that damages to other room elements can be avoided. Standard feature of electric height adjustable desk is an up-down push button. As an option the control panel can be equipped with memory-function or with memory-function and display. A brand new software installed on the computer and communicating with the desk allows to operate the desk from the pc. The user is informed when it is time to change from sitting to standing. Stand-by-mode electricity consumption is about 0,1 Watt.

The visual aspect is important

Apart from functionality the visual aspect is important, “Active” is available in the frame colours white, quarzmetallic, white aluminium and black. Tops can be supplied in all Febrü-surfaces. With a broad selection of accessories such as cable outlets, cable ducts, wire management and CPU-holders it is easy to integrate office technology.

Relaxed standing up and comfortable sitting support the quality of work and reduce the effect of getting tired. Concentrated work and wellness are improved.

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Material & Colours

Surfaces and colours are only for orientation purposes and are not contractual.


  • Ahorn Dekor
  • Anthrazit Dekor
  • Buche hell Dekor
    Buche hell
  • Driftwood Furnier
  • Eiche Lorca Dekor
    Eiche Lorca
  • Lichtgrau Dekor
  • Metalleffekt Aluminium
    Metalleffekt Aluminium
  • sandgrau Dekor
  • Dekor Weiß


  • Ahorn Natur Furnier
    Ahorn natur
  • Buche kirschbaumfarbig Furnier
    Buche kirschbaumfarbig
  • Buche Natur Furnier
    Buche natur
  • Ebano natur Furnier
  • Esche anthrazit Furnier
    Esche anthrazit
  • Esche cremewe Furnier
    Esche cremeweiß
  • Esche dunkel Furnier
    Esche dunkel
  • Esche hellgrau Furnier
    Esche hellgrau
  • Esche schwarz Furnier
    Esche schwarz
  • Kirschbaum Furnier

Metal surfaces

  • Chrom Metalloberfläche
  • Edelstahl Metalloberfläche
  • Eisenglimmer Metalloberfläche
  • Quarzmetallic Metalloberfläche
  • Weißaluminium RAL 9006 Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9006 Weißaluminium
  • RAL 9007 Graualuminium Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9007 Graualuminium
  • RAL 9010 Reinweiss Metalloberfläche
    RAL 9010 Reinweiß
  • RAL 9011 Graphitschwarz Metalloberflächen
    RAL 9011 Graphitschwarz glatt
  • Schwarz Metalloberfläche