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Tables for conferences, presentations and discussions

Good communication is the alpha and omega in the company. This includes voting and conferences. Whether loved or hated, creative engine or time-waster, necessity or unnecessary – when it comes to conferences, get-togethers or meetings, there are as many opinions as panellists. But completely independent of one’s own opinion, meetings of any kind are an integral part of any work and provide for exchange, communication, dialogue and fresh ideas.

Form follows Function

Modern communication technology sets new standards: People no longer have to meet in one place in a room in order to speak face to face. Video conferencing is possible from almost every region of the world. But the starting point for this is a space on both sides that is well furnished and equipped with the necessary technology. For this and for many other situations in which people come together to talk, give a lecture, take a break, to communicate or to exchange ideas, there is a multitude of possibilities.

Dunkelbrauner Konferenztisch von Febrü

The centre of every conference room is the table. Design and execution range from massive and dominant to elegant and unobtrusive. It therefore reflects the function, status and self-conception of direct communication in the company. Whether weekly meeting or important customer discussion, the table affects the mood in the room.

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    Mit mobilen Konferenzmöbeln von Febrü alle Meetings meistern

    The agony of choice – material and equipment

    A table consists of two elements: foot and plate. So far, so clear. The devil is, as so often, in the details. Noble real wood may be appropriate for a conference table of a law firm, but seems rather inappropriate in the foyer of a tech start-up. It is therefore important to consider the function of the table when choosing the material.

    The shape also contributes to the overall impression. Rounded corners and curved lines make a table look more filigree and fit almost seamlessly into the interior design. Clear edges and wide surfaces give tables a strong presence and allow them to occupy a dominant position in the room.

    The choice of colours is also a statement and influences the atmosphere. Bright tones indicate kindness and openness, dark colours symbolize dominance and want to impress. An urban, modern or antique look can also be achieved. In addition, the technology must not be neglected in a modern office environment. Numerous table solutions from Febrü can be combined with a ComBox, in which all important connections are embedded. Ideas can be presented quickly and easily with a laptop, mobile phone or tablet, discussions are stimulated and changes can be implemented directly.

    • Tables are the focal point and therefore an integral part of conference, meeting and recreation rooms.
    • At Febrü you will find the perfect table – depending on the requirements, we recommend the right equipment.
    • Extensive possibilities in terms of material, shape and colour.
    • Thanks to innovative solutions, the table is also a multimedia interface.