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Silent – creating silence and structure in open workspaces

Team offices have high requirements: on the one hand it is necessary to create zones, on the other hand it is vital to provide acoustic solutions to areas with high communication. Febrü´s modular screen system „Silent“ offers flexible options and creates a lounge-style working environment.

In the centre of a room, between two workstations, directly to the desk, in an entry area – wherever silence and visual privacy are required, the range performs flexibility. Adapted fabrics and colours allow highest creativity. Available in five different heights and four different widths „Silent“-can be configured quickly and easily. Individual elements are simply connected with a zip fastener. A metal foot gives stability to the soft units. On-desk and fly-by panels of „Silent“ allow multiple purpose configurations.

Part of the range are useful accessories named „Silent Add“. Based on a velcro-strap and fixed with a push button to it, useful accessories are provided: Holders for pencils, keys and newspapers as well as a flower vase as a gadget are available wherever needed. In contrary to fix, complicated and expensive accessory solutions „Silent“ offers a light and easy to handle system . The range adapts to all room situations, provides structures in space, creates zones for teams and improves room acoustics.

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  • 3802 Aston - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3802 Aston
  • Blazer Napier
    3808 Napier
  • Edinburgh
    3811 Edinburgh
  • 3812 Winchester - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3812 Winchester
  • Blazer Durham
    3847 Fairfield
  • 3815 Aberlour - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3815 Aberlour
  • 3816 Camphill - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3816 Camphill
  • 3817 Hull - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3817 Hull
  • 3818 Plymouth - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3818 Plymouth
  • 3819 Manchester - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3819 Manchester
  • 3821 Magdalene - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3821 Magdalene
  • 3828 Silverdale - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3828 Silverdale
  • 3831 Trevelyan - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3831 Trevelyan
  • 3853 Bryanstone - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3853 Bryanstone
  • 3863 Handcross - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3863 Handcross
  • 3867 Kingsmead - Blazer Bezugsstoff
    3867 Kingsmead