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Acoustic furniture create islands of silence

Human engineered work, individuality and wellness – for Febrü the most important features of the workstation. Not only comfort and design need to be in the focus, the sound level is also vital for a productive working environment. With acoustic furniture you create more silence in the office, assuring wellness for staff and customers.

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Screens improve acoustics in the office

Silence is necessary for concentrated work. Due to sound absorbing and sound protecting properties acoustic units such as acoustic wall panels, screens and acoustic doors for cupboards help to improve communication and filter annoying noises. This improves well-being in the office and improves concentrated work for each individual.

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Wellness by modern acoustic solutions

Straight-line architecture, convincing by materials such as glass, steel and concrete need additional acoustic solutions inside the rooms. These materials reflect the sound, resulting in high noise levels. The density of employees as well as modern office technology create an extended background sound level. Here we can provide convincing acoustic solutions: They reduce background noise and create a quieter working atmosphere.

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Petra Kronenberger
Phone: +49 (0) 5221 3804 555

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    Perfect in form and function

    Febrü does not only care about technical details to solve acoustic problems, the beauty of the product is important too.

    Apart from perfect sound absorption the panels are great in colours.

    They highlight surfaces, create walls and improve the room feeling. Different dimensions with vertical and horizontal orientation as well as matching colours create graphic patterns, fully integrated into the office architecture.

    A broad choice of fabrics offers all options for the perfect touch of textile surfaces. Febrü also provides acoustic furniture for open space offices.

    Among them cabinets with sound absorbing doors, sound protecting screens and acoustic wall panels.

    Silent – professional separation:
    With screens from the Silent-range you create elegant privacy in open office situations. Thanks to modular construction, different sizes and sound absorbing surfaces these screens perfectly fit for every situation.

    Screen – perfect dividing:
    With a clear design Screen is perfect for open space offices. The light construction allows the units to adapt to every situation. Screen can be used in vertical and horizontal orientation.

    Acoustic panels – colourful silence:
    The wall mounted, large panels from Febrü are reliable sound absorbers. The printed fabrics combine a lounge feeling with acoustic interior design and are the perfect solution for noisy offices.


    F3 Silent und Active Smart von Febrü

    Individual look with „Febrü Fashion print“

    Every design, texture and colour can be placed on the acoustic panels. Thanks to Febrü Fashion print. You decide what you prefer.
    A trendy look, exciting textures including your logo in the reception area, dunes or a moody forest picture can be printed on the panels to create the perfect atmosphere.

    Modern acoustic solutions – far more than just sound protection

    Acoustic furniture and acoustic solutions in offices are perfectly designed to assure sound protection and a concentration supporting environment in large office areas. If you want to learn more about combining storage and visual protection with efficient acoustic solutions do not hesitate to contact us!

    You are interested in modern acoustic furniture and solutions and do not know which solution to take for your company? Simply pick up the phone or use the contact sheet. We are happy to provide additional information and to create an individual offer.

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