The team office – Short distances and direct communication

For small teams with a permanent exchange of mind the team office is perfect. Members of a group with similar tasks can easily communicate or do the work in their own environment. For creative teams the exchange of ideas is important, perfect ideas can rarely be produced by pressing a button. An open and transparent office supports communication and improves the team spirit. Helping out each other is easy as the members are familiar with the tasks of the colleagues.

The sound level in the team office

In team offices it is necessary to do tasks requiring concentration. Phone calls of colleagues might be disturbing in such situations. Screens can help to provide acoustic privacy. They do not only protect from noise, they also offer visual privacy and give structure to the room. Free-standing screens are perfect as they allow to react to changing conditions.

There are even more elements helping to improve the acoustic environment. Acoustic wall panels are perfect to reduce noise and can be used as a creative means to create visual aspects.

Supporting the team

The requirements of the team members should be in the centre of all activities of space planning. All members should be integrated into this process. It can be useful to create space especially for communication. A stand table for short meetings or a conference table when extended meetings need to be held.

For some teams a relax area might be more important for brainstorming or to relax during breaks. Lounge furniture featuring sofas and armchairs can be a useful support.

Sufficient storage for organised workstations

Cupboards and pedestals provide sufficient storage and help to divide the room. High-pedestals are perfect to separate workstations and create a room-in-room feeling. Useful storage space helps to create zones and to create an interesting office environment.

The perfect working environment

Apart from sufficient space and zones for different tasks the environment is an important criteria for happy and motivated employees. Light is another important point. In addition to natural daylight a workstation-based illumination helps to provide the desk with additional light. Make sure to avoid reflections on the monitor by using direct sources with too much light.


  • Team offices are perfect for groups with permanent communication
  • Acoustic solutions help to keep the level of noise small. Acoustic panels and screens are an appropriate solution
  • It is vital to integrate the staff members into the space planning process
  • Cupboards and high-pedestals do not only offer storage space but also help to separate the room.
  • Different areas give structure to the office and create a „room-in-room“-feeling