The open space Office – A place for communication and concentrated work

Open space offices have a bad image. Boring deserts of desks with a large number of people trying to stand the noise are still part of the image of this office type. Completely wrong. Modern office environments can support wellness even in large rooms. These offices are a perfect challenge for our space planners and interior designers.

Creating different zones

Creating different zones in a large room provides cosiness and efficiency. The structures can be created by screens, cupboards, lounge furniture or high pedestals. But also plants can separate a room. Make sure that every workstation has access to a sufficient quantity of daylight. Areas with high communication such as meeting zones and board areas need acoustic privacy and have to be separated from areas with concentrated work. The advantage of open space offices is in their flexibility.

Open space offices thought ahead

The open structure of this type of workstation can even be extended. Some desks are cancelled, instead it is possible to work with a notebook somewhere in the office environment. In this version of the open space office employees can select their workstation on a daily basis. The room is open but divided by corresponding furniture, screens or plants. According to the requirements there are areas for meetings and communication but also space for relaxing and concentrated work.

Matching acoustics

A main factor of stress is constant noise. It must not necessarily be a loud source of noise, a permanent level can also reduce concentration, cause stress and reduce productivity. This makes the open space office a challenge for acoustics. Already during space planning it is important to care about appropriate means to reduce the stress level. Creating zones has a positive effect on the acoustic situation. Cupboards with sound absorbing doors, acoustic screens or acoustic wall panels not only reduce the noise but also perfectly support the visual look.

Material mix creates variety

A large room can not only be divided by objects, different colours and materials also have a positive effect on the room climate. At first glance they separate zones and create a „room in room“-feeling. Bright colours and clear shapes are perfect for workstations, whereas relax-areas as lounges show dark wood and moth colours support cosiness. Outstanding seating furniture such as a swing invite to test a new point of view and to experience a meeting in a completely different way.


  • Different zones give structure to an open space office making it more interesting
  • Different positions allow quick changes according to new requirements.
  • Different types of workstations allow and create new impressions
  • Acoustic solutions are vital for large rooms and improve the atmosphere
  • Using different materials provides structure and helps to improve the atmosphere