Lounge: Talkline von Febrü
Das Lounge Sofa Torbole im Empfang
Febrü Sofa Torbole mit Leder Bezug
Das Hochlehnensofa Talkline in der Lounge
Akustikpaneel mit Stoffbezug in verschiedenen Farben

Come in and feel well in the lounge

The lounge is a modern interpretation of the waiting area. Visitors arrive here to feel well and to prepare for an appointment. The place is also perfect for a small break. This generous area has an inviting atmosphere and provides adapted seating opportunities. Waiting made as comfortable as possible.

All lounges are different

There are different option: A small cinema for presentations. There are no limits in your creativity. Most lounges reflect a generous and modern style, but also small rooms can provide an exclusive waiting area performing the image of the company. Most important is to create an atmosphere of feeling well. There are different details to look for, such as materials and the choice of colours. Most important of all is a comfortable seating.

Perfect seating furniture

A lounge is an area to feel relaxed. Seating furniture are made to support this. Most important is comfort regardless if you make your choice for a sofa based environment or for a collection of cocktail chairs. A lounge is not only for waiting, meetings and presentations can also be held here. It is important to select seating furniture offering comfort even for longer meetings.

What else to respect in the lounge

Lounges are centres of communication, this is why it is important to keep an eye on acoustics. The use of acoustic panels helps to reduce the sound level and to create a comfortable atmosphere. These panels can be provided with a print allowing to support visual creativity. Green plants also have a positive impact to the cosiness of the room. It must not necessarily be a potted plant: A planted wall can also be a highlight, carpets and low light conditions can also support the wellness atmosphere.


  • Lounges can be used in multiple ways: Waiting zone, meeting area or cinema are only some ideas.
  • Lounge furniture can also be used in the reception area  or can be used as a relax-island in open space offices creating different zones.
  • Seating furniture need to be selected carefully, apart from the visual aspect comfort is a vital point
  • Plants have a positive effect on the room climate, wall decoration is a perfect alternative