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How to produce a first impression in your entry area

Whenever a visitor enters a company there is a first impression. The reception area is of vital importance. Layout and concept of this area are a business card of the company.

The reception desk

The reception desk is a core element. Visitors are welcome and guided to their contact person. Regardless the space required for this area, there is always a chance to create an atmosphere underlining the corporate identity of the company. The reception area has to reflect the company culture and should be designed to support this philosophy. The cabinet of a lawyer or a medical practice will look different than a creative agency or a start-up software company.

Colours and materials

Bright and modern reception furniture make a room look larger. Glazed fronts in the reception area support a light atmosphere and allow daylight to reach all corners of the room. Wood decors give a warm and natural impression. An adapted illumination is important, we should not forget that the reception is also a workstation. If reception staff people feel well they convey this feeling to the visitor. This feeling should be transmitted to the entire company.

To offer your visitor a perfect reception it is possible to create your reception desk customer designed, even provided with the logo of the company.

Acoustic matters

It is possible that visitors have reasons for coming they do not want to share with the public. An adapted acoustic environment helps to support the privacy required. Acoustic panels are provided to reduce noise and to create a more discrete atmosphere. Your guests will appreciate this.

Additional elements in the reception area

Storage compartments on top of the reception desk offer space for files and binders, nevertheless additional cupboards can provide added storage space. Small accessories allow to create a personal note. A nearby waiting area is perfect when visitors need to have patient for a moment. Literature such as magazines and newspaper should be available and updated regularly. To find out more about details about lounge please check out here.


  • The reception area reflects the corporate identity of the company
  • The reception desk is a core unit, can be adapted according to the purpose and should fit to the identity of the company.
  • Materials, shapes and colours have a strong impact on the room atmosphere.
  • Reception staff members should feel well
  • Acoustic is an important part of the concept