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Integrating all members of a conference

Meetings are important event for information and decisions. Regardless if it is a small informal meeting or an important conference requiring a representative atmosphere it can be useful to support the process by a suitable equipment. The conference table is the core unit. Large or small, modular or monoblock, the table should support the room and the vision of the company.

Enduring results by a perfect environment

Conference rooms are places of communication. People should feel well without the impression of a negative room feeling or inappropriate furniture. A perfect sitting position helps to keep attention and comfort. A perfect room helps to concentrate on the points of discussion. Comfort and functionality are key points. Electricity and connections for electronic devices need to be provided. The challenge: In a perfect solutions the connections are almost invisible.

Light and colour need to match

A conference room is also a workstation. Perfect light conditions are important. Sufficient daylight and artificial light sources are vital. For presentations using beamer technology it should be possible to dim the light. Roller blinds and curtains are a useful help.

A matching colour concept can help to improve concentration. A bright and friendly room atmosphere can have a positive result on the meeting from the very beginning. Large wall pictures can support this feeling. To improve the acoustic situation it is useful to place acoustic panels. For a relaxed atmosphere we recommend pictures showing nature and landscape or a green wall with artificial grass or moss.

Focussing on communication

The purpose of the room determines the space planning concept. Will there be meetings for small groups or will there be meetings of the board for several hours? Perfect conditions for communication are the key for success. Can all members of the meeting see and hear each other? A modular concept might be useful for smaller groups, a large round version is better for a meetings with more participants. Most important is that all members can follow the discussion and can participate easily.

It must not necessarily be the entire room

A meeting zone can be perfect for small meetings. These areas can be integrated into small offices if no other team members will be disturbed by the conversations and if the workstations are not near by the meeting zone. Acoustic solutions such as screens can help. Depending on the requirements stand tables or lounge sofas can be used. The purpose of use determines the type of meeting area selected.


  • Ergonomic furniture help to support the quality of meetings
  • Conference tables should be functional and support electronic devices
  • Room illumination is important
  • Conference members should be able to see and hear each other perfectly
  • Colours and materials have a positive influence on the atmosphere
  • Meeting zones can be integrated into office spaces