Helle Cafeteria von Febrü
Weiße Tische für die Cafeteria von Febrü
Cafeteria mit Febrü Fashion green als Sichtschutz
Die Cafeteria wird mit Farbakzenten zum Highlight
Orange und rote Stühle in der Cafeteria. Eingerichtet von Febrü
Febrü stattet gern Ihre Cafeteria aus, wir planen und montieren

The cafeteria is a place to relax

Breaks are not only nice they also provide new energy to master the working day. Breaks are vital to perform on top-level.  A special room helps to separate work from relax time and to change from one mode to another. Having a certain number of employees it is useful to have a cafeteria providing meals and snacks. A cafeteria is also a business card of the company. Staff members are happier and full of motivation. Both is important for quality and productivity of a company. A cafeteria can be a winner for company and staff.

Breaks start in the head

An appropriate environment is vital to relax. Many of you know that: relaxing only starts when you arrive at home. For breaks this is similar when there is an extra room. This can be a lounge, cafeteria or company restaurant. It is important to create an atmosphere of wellness to relax. There are no limits for the layout. Aspects of corporate identity need to be respected but space for breaks should be different from areas for work.

A cafeteria must not be boring

In cafeterias and company restaurants the employees should be able to relax quickly. This is only possible if the rooms clearly differ from the workstations. Different colours can help to change the state of mind immediately. A mix of different elements helps to provide the perfect atmosphere.

A perfect environment creates change

Companies making use of offices and producing goods face a challenge. Staff members working in production face physical challenges during work, office staff members are mainly sitting. By providing different types of furniture into relax areas it is possible to help both. A lounge with sofas can invite for a small coffee break, preventing from getting tired in the afternoon or to have a quick meeting where a conference room is not needed.

Do not forget: This is a social place

A meeting area is always a place of communication. People are chatting about all kinds of subjects including work life and use the place to have a snack. Background noise can be irritating. It is therefore useful to provide acoustic solutions. Acoustic wall panels with a print do not only help to reduce the sound level they can also be visual highlights. There are no limits using different colours or pictures. Sound absorbing screens have a positive impact on the room feeling. They also help to divide rooms and to create new areas inside the cafeteria.

Summary :

  • The cafeteria is a place to relax and to recover for new energy.
  • Make sure to create an area of wellness when planning a cafeteria.
  • Different zones with different furniture layouts make the room more interesting.
  • A cafeteria is a place of communication, acoustic solutions help to reduce the level of noise