Helles Chefbüro

An individual office matching your style

A individual office supports concentration and efficiency. There is hardly distraction, air conditions and temperature can be selected by the user without the need to check the preferences of other staff members. The use of the workstation is individual and the style is personal. Privacy is assured in case of conversations. Apart from these advantages there are some negative points. Communication and the exchange of ideas with other colleagues are difficult, the way of working is not perfect for every individual.

A individual office for many

Another option for the use of single offices is the temporary single workstation. In a multiple purpose office environment of an open space office staff members can make use of optional individual workstations for a limited time to work without distraction. This allows to combine the advantages of a team office and a single office workstation. Concentrated work is possible without affecting contact to other staff members.

The desk for one person

In a single office the desk is the most important feature, designed to fulfil the requirements of the user and to adapt to the environment. Size and material depend on the purpose of the workstation. Is there a requirement for paperwork space or is it a workstation without paper? Is the surface meant to be smooth or to be with a wood-like touch?

An electric height adjustable workstation can be adapted to the work situation. According to the height of the user a position for working in a sitting position can be applied, but the desk also allows working in a standing position. Changing between sitting and standing several times a day can prevent back problems and can help to improve concentration.

An ergonomic office chair is of the same importance. The chair should support the back of the user and allow movements. An office chair with armrests and tilt back is perfect to support the user for hours.

Cosiness in a individual office

The options to design an office according to individual specifications are almost without limits. Baring in mind an average of 40 hours per week in the office the workstation should be designed to feel well. Bright and natural colours are inviting and help to concentrate on projects and work.

Personal accessories such as pictures and small souvenirs make the office a special place to feel well. Green plants also improve the atmosphere and feeling. For those who love something special the green plants can be replaced by a moth wall carpet.


  • Individual office are perfect for concentrated work, but do not support communication and exchange of mind
  • Wellness should be an important point when planning the office layout
  • A single office can also be integrated into an open space office
  • An ergonomic workstation with height adjustable desk and a corresponding office chair support productivity and health