When we build furniture it is our goal to create a long-term solution. Our products are designed to have a long life in functional and visual performance. Behind a special and new office feeling there is one main goal: thinking in long terms also means responsibility towards the community and the generations to follow us. This is why Febrü has a commitment to optimize the contribution to environmental protection. As an industrial company Febrü has recognised a special responsibility to preserve the natural resources.

For Febrü sustainability means a chain of different processes, starting with a controlled use of materials, continued with an efficient and energy saving production as well as an optimised logistics. At the same time it is important not to waste material but to save and handle them with responsibility. Aluminium and steel are main components of Febrü-products. Both are materials with a long life and the ability to be recycled at almost 100 % . Wooden components are delivered by selected suppliers, making sure that the wood comes from sustainable forests. Plastic materials are only used if they meet the highest specifications. We use the latest production technology such as laserTEC-edging. Glued parts of the edge are melted by a laser beam and then directly applied to the board. This allows edging technology without the use of any glue.

Production to save the environment and natural resources
Febrü-products need a minimum of maintenance and are highly modular, allowing to replace parts and components easily. This is the basis for a long life cycle. In order to improve environmental performance we have been able to save raw materials. Febrü production is based on saving and protecting. This has led to a reduction of emissions. Energy consumption has been reduced significantly. The same for water consumption. Waste management is based on a policy of clearly avoiding waste. All wastes have been reduced on a minimum. The remains are used by qualified partner companies and are given back to a new cycle of life.
Responsibility towards nature and society is a necessity for Febrü. As a leading company of the office furniture industry we need to go ahead – with conviction. This is clearly shown by the Blue Angel of Febrü products. 2015 will be rewarded: Certification ISO 14001 – the green sign of responsible production and use of resources. It is important for Febrü to use synergies: so we combine ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and work safety to one unit. Employees and suppliers are a part of our environmental strategy.

Reduced packaging and efficient logistics
Quality packaging require a minimum of material and can be used several times. Materials unable to be used again are brought to the recycling circle. When selecting suppliers Febrü does not only care about quality and environmental protection but also selects partners in a close distance. So all participants benefit of short ways, avoiding useless transports. A perfect tour planning and the efficient use of transport space on our own trucks is another milestone to reach a high degree of sustainability. Reduced costs and the protection of our environment are the mutual result.

Check twice what you have reached
Febrü is committed to act responsibly for our and future generations. Sustainability is considered as an ongoing process where the results are checked again and again, often resulting in new activities.