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You are involved right from the start: based on your space, the architecture of the offices, your work processes and your wishes we get into a conversation to find the right concept and optimal solution. You will get to know the detail of our product range, the possibilities and benefits of particular items that have the right feel and aesthetic for your project. By the use of differing materials, colours, light and acoustics we aim to create a unique concept for you. Desk-Chair-Cabinet, with combinations of each of these single elements we can demonstrate totally different effects, concepts and layouts that all our furniture is ergonomic and supports a healthy daily work environment goes without saying. Our products are GS tested and certified.

Life itself is all about change and development. Therefore, we will always be thinking about new design and products, internally or in collaboration with external designers. Our understanding is that design competence goes hand in hand with extensive quality assurance. For us, the most important and best confirmation of our achievement, are satisfied customers. Winning the red dot design award 2009 for our SOX range not only made us happy but is also an incentive to continue to achieve.

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Büroraumplanung der PlanBAR
Individuelle Planung Ihres Büros durch kompetente Innenarchitekten.