Empfangstresen von Febrü
Febrü Akustik Screens


Create the future: with new surfaces
Apart from ergonomics and functionality today´s office requires a good feeling, harmony emotions, cosiness and individuality. Introducing acacia as a new standard surface and new surfaces from Trend nature and Trend we offer space for these new requirements. Very close to nature in colour and structure is Trend Nature. Not only grain and colour are true-to-life the structure is also fully authentic. The pattern of the grain is fully synchronous to the print and gives the surface an authentic touch. Structure colour and the special characteristics determine the room atmosphere. Febrü Trend sets accents where you wish. With attractive modern colours, urban atmosphere and the look of a rusty metal surface reminding of a harbour atmosphere. A Meeting-table highlighted with a concrete surface, Vio reception combined with Rost Havanna or a cabinet door in Quarzeiche Sägeschnitt (cut oak decor) – the unlimited combinations stimulate the (office-)room and provide a cosy atmosphere. Febrü Trend and Trend nature are an investment into the look and attractivity of the office.


Meetings while sitting or standing with a height adjustable conference table
In many companies meetings and conferences have gone up significantly. This is the result of the survey of an American company for management consulting who has investigated time management in companies. About 15 % of the working time of the staff is used for meetings. As a result staff members spend more and more time in meeting rooms. No doubt, meetings are useful and it would make no sense to stop them. But we can do a lot to make them more efficient and less tiring. Adapted conference furniture solutions are a first step. In the focus: The conference table – the central place for all meetings.


Ergonomic workstation with perfect working height by electric height adjustment
Did you know that the Germans spent on average 7,5 hours per day in a sitting position ? Especially on working days this is the most common position, causing harm to our health and our back. This makes it important to create a healthy and ergonomic environment ! Our new height adjustable desk „Active“, helps to prevent back problems by a quick change  between working in a sitting and a standing position.


Febrü now certified ISO 14001:2004
We have invested 9 months to build up an integrated environmental management system. Under the guidance of our colleague Thorsten Kallisch and supported by Dr.-Ing. Joachim Hollatz, consulting and engineering office in Gütersloh, the basis for a successful certification was achieved. The certificate reached us this week.


Febrü Fashion
Individuality in the office has a new name: Febrü Fashion. The new label combines design, handsomeness, and wellness. Febrü Fashion extends the options of individual office creativity by setting new accents and benchmarks in space planning. With Fashion print, Fashion green and Fashion glam it is possible to create a unique atmosphere according to your own wishes. Fashion print creates furniture solutions: A forest on the doors of a
cupboard, floral images on a reception counter or a map on a table top – Fashion Print makes it possible. Fashion print can be used on glass, melamine, tambour doors, fabric and metal. The surface is sturdy and abrasion-proof and appropriate for all types of office work. Maximum size of a single surfaces is 160 x 250 cm.


Another November highlight: The new screen and partitioning system „Screen” allows to separate areas and helps to improve sound absorption. Independent from surrounding furniture „Screen” can be placed in a free space or directly added to the workstation creating visual and sound protection. Visual feature of „Screen” is a fabric covered surface surrounded by a felt edging on request in an accent colour. „Screen” is flexible in use: metal feet are not fixed but clipped on. This allows to turn the units or change position from vertical to horizontal. „Screen” brings a cozy atmosphere into your office. Apart from the feet there are no metal components in „Screen”. More details on our in-house-exhibition in November.