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The Febrü rendering-book "Atmosphere"

Every empty room to be furnished is a new challenge. The diversity of products and accessories offered does not make it easy to find and define a clear line for an own style.

The atmosphere is what makes the room special. Atmosphere creates character and mood influencing the people in the room. Room structure, colours, surfaces and light are components determining the atmosphere on a large scale.

With the rendering book “Atmosphere” Febrü has created a source of inspiration, presenting Febrü products in four completely different styles. The different style concepts “Architecture”, “Scandinavian”, “Urban” and Nature” convince by selected colours and materials. The unique space plans show new ways to use office space and define our interpretation of New Work.

The idea of the living room office

Life and work get more and more connected and the limits will be floating in the future. This can be the home office to manage family and job as well as a cosy atmosphere to motivate employees and create loyalty towards the company. Even office rooms can create a motivating, creative and cosy atmosphere. Depending on taste and individual preferences there are several options to furnish modern office spaces.

Atmosphere Buch

Furnish in style

Regardless if cool and modern materials such as metal, glass and concrete combined with neutral colours as white, black and grey, or pastel colours for a friendly impression with warm wooden surfaces reduced to the minimum.

A setup based on urban- and industry-design can also contribute to wellness. Large textures create an industrial look resulting in an inspiring environment. The corresponding „Look and Feel“ is based on an exciting mix of colours and materials full of contrasts.

Maybe you prefer a more natural solution? Natural materials support silence. Cork, wood, wool and linen offer the perfect touch for the working environment.


Four styles for endless ideas



The “Architecture“-style is based on straightness and clear structuring. Chilly and modern materials such as metal, glass and concrete are dominant. Colours range from white to black including shades of grey. Single outstanding colours can be used, but only to highlight single spots without overloading rooms based on the “Architecture”-Style. This assures a clear style, supporting focused work.


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The “Scandinavian“-Style is characterized by pastel colours. Warm and bright wooden colours and a reduction to the essential are the basis. The Danish expression “Hygge”describes this state perfectly. Standing for a cosy environment „Hygge“ allows to withdraw temporarily from stressful situation to charge up batteries. The workstation can be “hyggelig” as well. Natural materials and bright colours help to recover quickly from stress and to support wellness.


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You wish to have the atmosphere of a metropolis in your office? With an exciting combination of colours and surfaces reminding of the flair of big cities “Urban”-Style changes the feeling in your office. Large textures and an industrial look create an inspiring environment by different impulses. Concrete surfaces in combination with steel meet graffiti and lush green of plants. The corresponding „Look and Feel“ is created by a mix of shapes and colours full of contrasts.


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Maybe you like it more naturally and more basic? Then the “Nature”-Style is perfect for you. Dealing with natural material this style creates calmness. Cork, wood, wool and linen; organic surfaces and colours are dominant. Also plants are important, they create calmness and a comfortable working atmosphere. Rooms featuring “Nature”-Style are perfect to relax for a moment to charge up your batteries and to continue work with more motivation.



Febrü – Office furniture for an individual office design

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