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Febrü is tradition and innovation, quality and flexibility, reliability and creativity. The company is located in the heart of East-Westphalia with highest demands on human resources products and daily work. Open minded for any- thing going on in architecture, office and environment.

When our furniture arrive in your location is this the final step in a long chain of activities. More than 150 staff members have participated in different ways – up to de- livery and installation – to create a new and special office feeling in your environment.

You are the starting point: your rooms, architecture of your office, your workflow and wishes are the basis of our activities. In a close dialog we develop the perfect concept and appropriate solution.

Office furniture production needs high precision and machines of the latest technical standards such as laser technology to work on steel as well as laserTEC edging facilities for wood production. Efficiency, sustainability and the protection of our environment are self-evident.

Febrü-Office Furniture is produced component by component at our factory in Herford. We organise, produce and develop our products here. In the prototype department ideas become samples, creativity is converted into products. This is made possible by our extensive in-house production depth and flexibility. For Febrü working with metal is as familiar as the handling of wood.

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