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Wellness is an important factor of success in the executive office

A executive office is special as it is designed to be different from other workstations. Business is made here, future plans are signed, meetings are held and creative ideas are born. A suitable environment is needed to develop company strategies and to reflect the corporate identity.

It is up to the style

The atmosphere in an executive office should be special. Colours, design and high quality furniture are vital to create a perfect office world. There should be a clear vision of the room feeling when planning the room. Is the office meant to reflect a cosy character or designed to impress with an elegant touch? Whatever the message is we should not forget that the place is a workstation supporting the requirements of the executive user who spends most of the time in this environment.

The desk of the future

The desk is the heart of an executive office. A generous desk does not only impress, it also offers enough space for files, mail and literature. The materials used does not only determine the look, it also creates feelings. Veneer surfaces provide a warmth, but are comparatively soft and lack in scratch resistance. Wooden decors combine a natural look with physical stability. Glazed tops and marble offer stability, but give a cold touch and may cause problems of light reflection.

Desks with electric height adjustment support healthy working as they perfectly adapt to the sitting height and support working in an upright position. The change between sitting and standing has a positive effect on heart circulation, provides more energy and helps to prevent back pain problems. An ergonomic executive chair is also important. The selection of fabric and colours should be adapted to the office environment. A flexible chair supports a correct sitting position, but also allows to relax when having a phone call.

The perfect environment for important conversations

An executive office is always a „point of sales“. Important partners are welcome, business is made and contracts are signed. A place to feel well, simply the perfect stage. Apart from the desk there is often the need for a small meeting unit. A separate meeting table with cosy conference chairs is perfect to focus on the subjects of discussion and not to face documents on the workstation. All you need to know about conference furniture can be found here.

How to create wellness in the executive office

A perfect illumination is required to make the executive office a place of wellness. Indirect light or several light sources create a feeling of cosiness. But it should not be too dark as low light conditions make you tired. Do not forget a lamp based on the desk to provide enough direct light without reflection.

Green plants provide a positive atmosphere. Productivity and satisfaction can be supported by using these elements. Your business partners will appreciate this atmosphere, in a suitable environment it is easier to negotiate.


  • An executive office should be designed to feel well
  • The environment should reflect the leadership style of the user
  • The desk offers enough space and is adapted to the room situation
  • Perfect illumination supports the room wellness
  • Plants support the atmosphere and concentration