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Gerstlauer Amusement Rides

The new offices of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH show up as diversified as their products. The company from Münsterhausen near Augsburg in Bavaria is specialised in the construction of roller coasters, big wheels and other fun rides. In the biggest amusement parks in the world Gerstlauer products create fun and thrill for young and old. What kind of wishes had to be fulfilled in the interior design?

When fascination, fun and suspense belong to daily business it is logical that the office environment needs to be a source of inspiration. Finished in June 2017 with a surface of 1.200 m² the three storey administration building is full of visual highlights embedded in a matching colour concept. For all space planning activities Gerstlauer trusted in “die büroplaner” (eng. the office planners) from Puchheim near Munich. The goal was to create room situations to enable creativity in work in an inviting atmosphere. A holistic and professional planning assured a coherent concept.

Bunte Büroeinrichtung für Gerstlauer

Why this space planning concept?

Gerstlauer Amusement Rides belongs to the leading companies in an exciting business. This image has been converted by “die büroplaner” with a future oriented room concept. During the entire duration of the project space planners and designers could count on the flexibility and creativity of Febrü.

“The great layout of the Kompetenz Center Süd in Neuendettelsau was very inspiring. The products show intelligent and useful details to create an attractive office environment. The high depth of production is the basis for an efficient room concept”, is the conclusion of the space planners from Puchheim. Febrü-acoustic panels support the acoustic environment in offices and open space areas and create a lounge-style working atmosphere.

What was important for the selection of furniture?

The selection of furniture was not only driven by ergonomical aspects, it was also important to reflect the corporate identity. The LED-illumination in the Vio-reception from Febrü catches up the CI-colour blue to welcome visitors in a modern style. Company implicitness is reflected already when entering the building. Febrü acoustic panels assure privacy in open space areas and create a lounge-style atmosphere.

The meeting rooms are dominated by clear shapes to support concentration. A huge flat screen is perfectly integrated into the wall construction. Thanks to a production depth of 95% no problem for Febrü.

  • CI-colours are integrated into the concept and are used consistently
  • Acoustic solutions create and support open-space areas for work and recreation
  • Corporate Identity is reflected by the interior design

 Where to find highlights and specials?

Single offices as well as an open-space-area create the environment. To encourage communication among the staff, free space areas were created. A playful use of materials, shapes and colours. Bright, inviting and colourful the cafeteria is a place of good mood. Meeting rooms convince with clear shapes to support concentration.

Places lounge groups invite with their blue CI-colour. An open architecture decorated with “Fashion green“ makes waiting a pleasure. Nice effects are created by a playful combination of materials, shapes and colours. Glazed walls allow natural light to enter the floor areas.

The generous foyer and lounge area create a positive first impression. Colours and materials perform creativity, ease and feel-good.

Clear shapes support concentration.

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Space planning:

Office space: die büroplaner
Finished: 2017
Solutions supplied: Team offices, conference rooms, cafeteria, reception and lounge area
Febrü product ranges used: Vio, Places, Active, Febrü One, Adesso, Fashion Green, Container

Moderne Arbeitsplätze für moderne Bürosituationen

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